About Us

Esther started this brand in hopes to achieve her greatest goal. That goal being able to provide her son with everything his heart desires. Born in Mexico but raised in Orange County she has worked extremely hard to reach many of her goals. She works Full time but ultimately is working towards focusing on her true ambitions such as being an Entrepreneur, owning her own businesses and helping others achieve a happy and peaceful life. Esther holds a Child and Adolescent Bachelor's Degree from Cal State Fullerton and has worked with children and adolescents with special needs. She also has experience in Accounting. 

Bringing a child into this world has taught her to never give up! Going through a rough year cannot stop you from reaching your goals and in order to become the best you ALWAYS have to keep your head held high. Don’t stay defeated get up and move forward. You are special. Learn to take care of your self first and know ANYTHING is possible. 

Life can be a long roller coaster but every time the world feels like its fallen on you push push to be the best because no one is going to want your dreams more than yourself. 

In life you have to appreciate what you have NOW. Be grateful for what you have but never stop chasing your TRUE wishes and desires. 

Believe it. Want it. Get it.


You got this Mommas!